Crazy P Age of the Ego

Crazy P Age of the Ego
With their ebullient and polished melange of disco, soulful house and pop, Crazy P can always be counted on to ignite a groove, not to mention a dance floor, and their eighth offering, Age of the Ego, is no exception.
And while you'll no doubt be getting your groove on to the set's 11 rejuvenating tracks, lyrically, there's a new focus on social consciousness (informed by Brexit, technology and social media)  that turbo-charges them with a sense of defiance and urgency that Crazy P have heretofore never embraced.
"We Will Fuck You Up" is a glorious jacked-up call to musical arms, and "SOS" bristles with a modern funk shimmer, while the throbbing electro-chill of "The Witness" is an Orwellian nightmare where "the robots are in power."
The quintet up the bump factor with "Barefooted," an assured slice of Leon Sylvers-indebted boogie, with its command to "stand tall," and the eight-minute-plus "This Fire," which blends the rhythmic drive of mid-'80s Meli'sa Morgan with a soaring gospel chorus.
Refined, mature and socially aware, Age of the Ego is an all-inviting conscious party. (Walk Don't Walk)