Bunchofuckingoofs Drink Drank Drunk

Bunchofuckingoofs Drink Drank Drunk
Toronto punks the Bunchofuckingoofs are infamous for an unquenchable thirst for alcohol. For the past 17 years, they've subjected themselves to an obscene amount of drinking. Oh yeah, they also play together as a band. The music part, however almost seems to take a backseat to an endless wave of booze, women and partying.
"I'm not a musician, I'm a drinker. I play music to drink," says King Kong, the bass player who lives up to his name, weighing in at a respectable 342 pounds. "I quit my job, I quit my entire life for this band. I left a fucking family, a kid and a fucking job just to drink," he continues with a laugh.
"All these people, they're not picked because they're good musicians, they're picked because they're insane and they can play," says singer Crazy Steve of his band-mates. "We don't want anybody in the band that we can't fucking drink with."
The love of liquor is the tie that binds them to their fans. After playing a recent practice gig at their favourite watering hole, Toronto's Planet Kensington, the bar is almost dry. "See, that's what happens when we fucking play," says Steve. "Our crowd drinks and drinks and drinks and drinks. The bar owners just sit there and shake their fucking heads because they can't believe that we incite so much fucking serious alcoholism."
The Goofs are gearing up for a nation-wide tour in support of their new CD on God Records, Barrage of Battery and Brutality. Not surprisingly, the prospect of the party that lies ahead is what gets them going. "We can go anywhere and there's people that we fucking know and we drink with and we party with and just have a good fucking time," says King Kong.
"Our circus gives us everything we need. We go to towns and everybody comes and gives us exactly what we need," continues Steve. And what exactly is that? "Women, beer and weed," he replies with a laugh.