The Bronx Go Mariachi on New Full-Length

The Bronx Go Mariachi on New Full-Length
Over the past seven years, pseudo-punk rockers the Bronx have made a name for themselves in and around the fashionable, scenester-ish world of aggressive, sometimes bratty, music. That's why it'll be so interesting to see what happens when their next opus actually hits store shelves.

In case you haven't heard, the abrasive quintet have shifted some major gears this time around. Entitled Mariachi el Bronx, the effort is, as you probably guessed by the title, a mariachi album.

The record is set to be released by Swami Records on September 1. And just in case you can't find it, the band aren't really breaking their tradition of eponymous albums. They're going to issue it as Mariachi el Bronx. So there.

Oh, and just in case you're at all fuzzy about what mariachi is, Wikipedia defines the term thusly:

"Mariachi is a type of musical group, originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Usually a mariachi consists of at least three violins, two trumpets, one Spanish guitar, one vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) one guitarrĂ³n (a small-scaled acoustic bass) and occasionally a harp. They dress in silver studded charro outfits with wide-brimmed hats."

No word yet on how close the Bronx will adhere to the classic definition.