Brent Faiyaz Fuck the World

Brent Faiyaz Fuck the World
Brent Faiyaz blends the bitter with the sweet on his latest EP, Fuck the World.
Here, Faiyaz perfects his knack for juxtaposition by mixing aggressive, rap-leaning quips with dulcet tones that, together, create a unique sound only he can deliver. A well-rounded writer, Faiyaz tackles romance-centred songs with compelling specificity. But unlike other R&B albums, his imagination doesn't stop at relationship issues: Faiyaz also explores themes like trauma, depression and self-development, which keeps the album from getting boring.
Fuck the World's production is never overpowering, which is perfect for Faiyaz's mellow vocals. "Been Away" is full of clever flourishes that recall Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Sonder fans will appreciate the trio's reunion on the dark, moody "Bluffin," and "Lost Kids Get Money," the EP's most radio-ready offering, has a deceptively anthemic feel despite being so smooth.
There's lots to enjoy here for old and new fans alike. (Independent)