The Bombs of Enduring Freedom The Bombs of Enduring Freedom

After severing music industry chains and laying Ewigkeit to rest, James Fogarty is back with a new assault on ignorance and complacency under the banner of his own Death to Music Productions. As eclectic as its predecessor, but with firmer footing in the industrial camp, the Bombs of Enduring Freedom’s debut is a collection of hard-edged riffs, memorable choruses and biting criticism of the contemporary (American) political regime, compiled and combined within the "council-flat of mass destruction.” Often Fogarty uses his soundscapes as a backdrop, letting samples (and the sampled, including George Bush) speak for themselves. But his lyrics also leave a lasting impression, summarised neatly by titles like "G.I. Jesus” or the wordier but poignant "Guatanamo Bay International (Suspect Package Holiday).” The Bombs of Enduring Freedom aren’t engaged in trailblazing but the record is invitingly accessible and addictive as well; its worst fault is the sense that it ends too soon. (Death to Music)