The Black Angels The Black Angels

At this point in time it seems almost redundant for a band to come along and rock a late ’60s fuzz-garage style; I say "almost” because this raw coolness will never die, and there’s always going to be some new band who can tap into that vibe legitimately and honestly and know how to kick out the jams. Texas-based the Black Angels are the latest to hop on board the Brian Jonestown Massacre train with their self-proclaimed "Native American drone’n’roll” sound rocking down your groovy spine and filling your mind with trippy thoughts of revolution and freedom. This four-song teaser of a debut provides a strong introduction to a band who may receive more attention in the years to come: the cuts are raw and the riffs jagged. Everything is in its right place, whether it’s their tom hits, organ chords or vocal echoes. All four songs are solid and memorable, and even if we’ve all heard a simple "there she goes” stomp of a ditty like "Winter ’68” a thousand times before, by as many bands, it’s always gonna sound good to some ears. (Light In The Attic)