Behold the Arctopus Skullgrid

While tech metal may have been rendered obsolete by the legions of Dillinger worshipping, "let’s see how many notes we can fit into two seconds” hacks, Behold… The Arctopus are one of few keeping the progress and innovation alive. Fusing the more whimsical elements of jazz with a penchant for heavier riffing, the tension between these two genres is balanced and manipulated with grace and charm, making their instrumental mayhem more appealing than most. This time around, they’ve incorporated some slower building, less intimidating moments that, when juxtaposed next to the proficient yet seemingly meandering noodling, illustrate a savvy sense of songwriting and exposes their more accessible alter ego. Also worth noting is a guest solo by Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, who, as a band, have had an obvious influence on BTA since the beginning. Progressive and innovative, these guys are definitely a music nerd’s mind fuck. (Metal Blade)