Basement Jaxx "Rock This Road" (ft. Shakka) (video)

Basement Jaxx 'Rock This Road' (ft. Shakka) (video)
Dynamic UK dance duo Basement Jaxx have shared a colourful new video for their latest single "Rock This Road."

The track comes from this year's Junto LP and features vocals from London-based indie-reggae singer Shakka.

In the clip itself, Lord Marqod (the interstellar god of dance, obviously) "approaches a lonely planet to harvest the dance energy of its denizens." We see the dance god's space rangers draining the humans of their dancing abilities and transferring them over to his aliens who end up putting the skills to pretty good use.

It's pretty cheesy, but an undeniably fun visual accompaniment to the dub-infused dance-floor banger. Watch the clip for "Rock This Road" below.