Art Bergmann Shares New Single "La Mort de L'Ancien Regime"​

It's the latest teaser from 'Late Stage Empire Dementia'
Art Bergmann Shares New Single 'La Mort de L'Ancien Regime'​
Punk legend Art Bergmann is about to deliver a new album called Late Stage Empire Dementia. Ahead of its arrival, the Order of Canada recipient has shared a new single. 

The track is called "La Mort de L'Ancien Regime,"​ and it uses the French Revolution as a touchstone to demand action against unfettered corporate power. 

"This song is the joyous anthem the kids will be singin' down the years after the great banksters are finally dead and gone," Bergmann said. "I would have said 'pigs who reign over us,' but that is an insult to our animal friends who are smarter than our sacred dawgs."

Listen to "La Mort de L'Ancien Regime"​ below. 

Late Stage Empire Dementia will arrive on May 21 via (weewerk)