Army of Flying Robots Life is Cheap

There is absolutely nothing mechanical about Britain’s Army of Flying Robots; their feverish and impassioned shrieking psychosis is genuine in a way that only humans can convey. Though catalogued on a discography available through Super Fi, most are likely unfamiliar with their material to date, comprised mainly of vinyl-only releases and hard to find splits. Fans of the mid-’90s North American screamo movement will definitely appreciate their old school approach to creating something heavy that’s still outside mainstream aggressive music. Their more metallicised and emotive moments are reminiscent of Orchid’s delirious and heart wrenching distorted melodies, with many prolonged build ups leading to cataclysmic fits of rage. They grow from this core, transgressing into punk rock tangents and toying with the balls-out Converge approach to all things enticing and insolent. AOFR still need a little work but if this debut full-length means anything it’s that you’ll want to keep an eye on them in the future. (Super Fi)