Aqua Alta "Epic Sweep" on Exclaim! TV

Aqua Alta 'Epic Sweep' on Exclaim! TV
Halifax-based trio Aqua Alta recently finished a short Canadian tour in support of their debut LP, Dreamsphere (out now via Star House). The supergroup — which features Juno nominee Jenn Grant, producer/musician Charles Austin (of Super Friendz fame) and producer Graeme Campbell (Buck 65, Jerry Granelli) — perform a refreshing blend of mellow and melodic dream pop, cleverly described by Austin as "country music for aliens."

While in Toronto the group stopped by the Exclaim! office to perform "Epic Sweep," a track taken from their aforementioned full-length, for Exclaim! TV.

The song begins with a rush of shimmering synths and a handful of twangy guitar chords, perfectly setting the stage for what sounds like the beginnings of an epic space age stand off. As the arrangement swells, Grant's celestial vocals and Campbell's light trigger pad stabs brighten up the mix, carrying the song skyward until it effortlessly fades away.

Watch the performance now in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Riley Hunt
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Riley Hunt

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