Andrew Weatherall Returns with New Solo Album

Andrew Weatherall Returns with New Solo Album
Believe it or not, English electronic producer Andrew Weatherall hasn't released a proper solo album since 2009. That's going to change in February, though, when he releases Convenanza on February 26 through Rotters Golf Club. He's also got a new collaborative project called the Woodleigh Research Facility on the way.

Convenanza apparently consists of unstructured songs containing trumpet and other chaotic sounds and styles. A press release notes, "Is this sounding incoherent, an uncomfortable disjointed mess? It's no more so than you'd get dipping arbitrarily into a life or trying to describe any long relationship. Being untidy is allowed."

At the bottom of this page, scroll past the nine-song tracklist to hear the cut "The Confidence Man." It's in a blippy, bass-driven electro tune with a hint of hypnotic synth-pop.

As for Weatherall's latest collaborative project, it's called the Woodleigh Research Facility, and it's a team-up with vocalist Nina Walsh. Their album The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories) comes out on January 8, and an announcement curiously likens it to "taking a disgruntled sine wave for a walk, throwing it sticks, skimming it on a rough sea and scrunching it up and leaving it at the bottom of a bag over a long weekend."

The tracklist for that album is also below, along with the sprawling electronic groove "Taqiya."


1. Intro
2. Frankfurt Advice
3. The Confidence Man
4. The Last Walk
5. Kicking the River
6. Disappear
7. We Count The Stars
8. Thirteenth Night
9. Ghosts Again

The Phoenix Suburb (And Other Stories):

1. I Am Amateur Barbarian
2. Brackstone Abroad
3. Aeronauts: The Next Phase
4. Osler's Crystal Fountain
5. The Question Oak
6. Emancipation Garage
7. Dumont's Assistant
8. Taqiya (ft. Youth)