Anaal Nathrakh A New Kind of Horror

Anaal Nathrakh A New Kind of Horror
If one considers the context for Anaal Nathrakh's latest barrage of sonic vitriol, somehow the already apocalyptic sound becomes that much heavier, as one's mind goes to images of trench warfare, mass death and mythic drama. A New Kind Of Horror derives its inspiration from the horrors of World War I, which instantly establishes a potent canvas on which the band plentifly smears their acidic sound.
In a whirlwind of chaos, the two-piece combine relentless surge of blackened industrial metal, which, in songs like "Obscene as Cancer" and "New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures" break into operatic sections of soaring, King Diamond-esque vocals, emoting the sheer scale of that futile war, and glimpses of heroism amid the carnage, especially while buffeted by the choral background singing that emerges from out of the haze. The terror and insanity of war are manifested in the sometimes startling vocal performance that reaches depths of ravenous violence, most notably in "The Apocalypse Is About You!"
"Forward!" stands out from the rest of the album, and not in the way you want, being a pretty standard deathcore song that lacks the atmosphere and cinematic quality of its brethren.
Overall a solid offering, A New Kind Of Horror makes great use of potent subject matter to give their sound a uniform foundation on which to attack the listener. (Metal Blade)