Toronto's Alaskan Tapes Shares New Album 'For Us Alone'

Listen to the nine-track effort in full
Toronto's Alaskan Tapes Shares New Album 'For Us Alone'
Toronto-based artist Alaskan Tapes — a.k.a. Brady Kendall — releases his latest effort For Us Alone today, and you can listen to the album in full here at Exclaim! 
For Us Alone is Kendall's fifth outing and follows his 2019 full-length Views from Sixteen StoriesThe record's nine tracks were written in three groups of three, resulting in a cohesive flow from one song to the next. Three of the nine songs on the record feature drums — one in each suite — a technique that helps flesh out the groupings and connects them to the whole. 
Written and recorded in Kendall's home studio, strings were added remotely by composer/producer Jonathan Dreyfus from Berlin. Ambient blips add extra texture, while the low hum of a conversation elsewhere in his home adds to the imperfectly perfect nature of the release. 
"I'm always trying to do things that I either didn't explore enough or haven't explored before," Kendall said in a statement. "I think you can hear that in most of the albums. In terms of the project as a whole, I already know where it's going; it's a rainbow wave, and this is the most post-rock heavy direction I want to reach, so the next album will likely be with fewer or no drums, going back down the slope."
Stream For Us Alone and watch some of Alaskan Tapes' recent music videos below.