Adrian Glynn "Blue Belle Lament" (video)

Adrian Glynn 'Blue Belle Lament' (video)
Adrian Glynn's Bruise is close to a year old, and the Vancouver songwriter is still hard at work promoting it, this time with a video for the track "Blue Belle Lament."

The song is a mournful folk dirge that blends moody harmonies with a dusty Americana arrangement. This video is fittingly timeless and creepy, as it plays out like a Wild West romance in which Glynn cavorts with a lover before tying her to the railroad tracks. We won't spoil the end for you, but there's a deadly twist.

Courtesy of Brass Tacks, you can also watch a behind-the-scenes video at the bottom of the page.

Bruise is available now through Light Organ Records.

Adrian Glynn "Blue Belle Lament" from Light Organ Records on Vimeo.