You Can Rent the House from Wes Anderson's 'The Royal Tenenbaums'

It'll only cost you $20,000 a month
You Can Rent the House from Wes Anderson's 'The Royal Tenenbaums'
Sure, he's known for his twee outfits and bittersweet dialogue, but Wes Anderson is nothing without his locations. Now, you can finally get in on the action with the option to rent the house from The Royal Tenenbaums.

As Notebook reports, the six bedroom 1899 townhouse that was featured in the 2001 flick is now available. Located at 339 Convent Ave. in Manhattan, it'll cost you a cool $20,000 USD a month. 

As an official listing reads, the house has "always been an important house in New York history. Developed by Jacob D. Butler and designed by Adolph Hoak, it was home of U.S. attorney Charles H. Tuttle, which ran to Governors against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Several illustrious New York personalities, such as Fiorello LaGuardia and James Russel Parson, were regular guests."

If you've got a cool 20 grand to spend, it looks like a pretty nice place! Watch a video tour of the home below.

While Anderson's next film The French Dispatch was postponed due to the coronavirus, it's expected to arrive later this year. Further, El Pais reports that the director's next flick will shoot in Spain this summer.