Travis Scott Is Making a Collaborative Album with Kid Cudi and It Has "Some Fireness"

He's also penned a "secret" song for Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet'
Travis Scott Is Making a Collaborative Album with Kid Cudi and It Has 'Some Fireness'
Photo: Pamela Littky
Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are about to connect in a major way. Following their joint single "THE SCOTTS," the pair have revealed they are making an entire collaborative album.

The news comes via a new GQ feature on Scott, who explained that the as-yet-untitled album with Cudi has "some fireness!"

GQ breaks the news like this:

During his Fortnite takeover, Scott unleashed "The Scotts," a sinister banger he made with Kid Cudi that debuted at No. 1. Travis is hesitant to offer details, but he does confirm that they've been working on a joint album — apparently they've already cut a bunch of records together. (When I ask what he and Cudi have in store for the project, he says, "Man, a lot. Some fireness!")

He hits play on one of the tracks. It doesn't have a title yet, but it's the craziest thing he's played for me so far. "I know where I'm going / I know when it's time," Cudi hauntingly croons over a smooth beat. Scott is doing a two-step in front of the soundboard before the beat morphs from a bouncy summer groove to a menacing riot that sends him thrashing about. He's back in Rage Mode, his eyes tightly shut as he floats around in the utopia of his mind.

In the piece, Scott also expanded on the music he's been working on during lockdown, saying: "I feel like I've learned so much. I think with this next project I'm just embodying all of the knowledge I've taken in and trying to make the best form of it."

It's not clear, however, if "this next project" is the album with Kid Cudi.

On top of all this, Scott has made a new "secret" song for Christopher Nolan's much-delayed film Tenet. According to GQ, "It sounds like a brain-liquefying trip through time and space."

Nolan himself said, "His voice became the final piece of a yearlong puzzle. His insights into the musical and narrative mechanism [composer] Ludwig Göransson and I were building were immediate, insightful, and profound."

At this point, it's unclear what the Tenet song is called, but the film finally is set to arrive on August 26.

Scott last released his album Astroworld back in 2018.

UPDATE (8/19, 1:10 p.m. ET): Travis Scott has now revealed the Tenet song is called "The Plan," and it will arrive on Friday (August 21). You can see his announcement below.