John Boyega Tiptoed Around 'The Last Jedi' Debate by Praising 'Bright'

John Boyega Tiptoed Around 'The Last Jedi' Debate by Praising 'Bright'
Despite the ongoing, apocalyptic hellfire that appears to be consuming the world in 2017, Star Wars fans still found the emotional energy to engage in an old-fashioned nerd fight over whether or not The Last Jedi was any good. Director Rian Johnson and lead actor Mark Hamill have already gotten involved, and now it looks like John Boyega is having a go at engaging the angry horde.

Taking to Twitter, the actor behind the character of Finn appeared to be addressing the great Star Wars debate:

Proving himself to be a master at sleight-of-hand, however, Boyega was actually ramping up to deliver an even spicier take — he's one of the few people that actually wants to admit his adoration for Netflix's Bright

Despite the clever little joke, the first tweet still had a massive ripple effect through the online geekdom, meaning Boyega had to engage with Star Wars fans whether he wanted to or not.

He even responded to someone who said he's "cancelled" for liking Bright:
Could this mean that we'll soon see some tweets declaring that Bright was better than The Last Jedi? It's really time for 2017 to end already.