Colin Stetson to Release New Soundtrack for 'Barkskins'

Hear "Awake You Sleepy Hearts" from the sax hero's film score
Colin Stetson to Release New Soundtrack for 'Barkskins'
Once again, Canadian sax master Colin Stetson is diving into the world of film scoring. This time, he's lent his talents to the new TV series Barkskins.

Stetson will release his score to the National Geographic series on June 5 via Milan Records. Right now, though, you can hear the OST's newly shared track "Awake You Sleepy Hearts."

The song was composed by Stetson and features vocals by lead Barkskins actor David Thewlis.

The show is based on Annie Proulx's 2016 novel, which chronicles the deforestation of the New World over the span of 300 years starting in the late 17th century.

Stetson's Barkskins soundtrack follows his recent score to the Nicolas Cage movie Color Out of Space.

Barkskins (National Geographic Original Series Soundtrack):

1. Forest Fire

2. Company Man

3. The Tree

4. Renardette

5. True Warrior

6. English Scum

7. Lie Down

8. The Company Way

9. Marth Burns

10. Father Clape

11. A Proposal

12. Aftermath

13. With Death Upon You

14. First and Last Meals

15. The Letter

16. Retrieving the Dead

17. Punishment

18. Alive

19. Awake You Sleepy Hearts (ft. David Thewlis)