Colin Stetson Releases His Soundtrack for 'La Peur'

Stream Canadian sax hero's newly released score to the 2015 film
Colin Stetson Releases His Soundtrack for 'La Peur'
Just the other day, Colin Stetson finally released his 2013 soundtrack to Blue Caprice with Sarah Neufeld. Now the increasingly busy film scorer has dug up another one of his older OST works for its first-ever release.

Today Stetson finally released his soundtrack for La Peur (or The Fear). The film was co-written and directed by Damien Odoul, and despite the movie coming out way back in 2015, its Stetson-helmed soundtrack is only now seeing release.

Via 52Hz, Stetson's La Peur soundtrack can now be heard below.

Like with Blue Caprice, it's unclear at this point if La Peur will see a physical release at some point. But considering it took this long to even get the digital version, we should be thankful with what we have.

As previously reported, Stetson also has various other soundtrack material headed our way.