'Cats' Is Getting Updated Version with "Improved Visual Effects"

But will it be enough to save the film?
'Cats' Is Getting Updated Version with 'Improved Visual Effects'
Cats sucks. The new film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1981 musical is getting absolutely panned, including a 2/10 review here at Exclaim! In our review, we pointed out that the iffy CGI made some actors appear to have "hovering faces that were deepfaked into cat costumes." In response to criticisms like that, Cats is reportedly being updated with better visual effects.

According to a memo from Universal obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the film is receiving "some improved visual effects" — an unusual move for a movie already in cinemas. The publication's sources say that this is being doing at director Tom Hooper's request.

Hooper previously admitted to Variety that, like a university student come exam time, he pulled a 36-hour all-nighter in order to barely finish the film before its premiere.

Cinemas will apparently be receiving the new version of Cats in the next couple of days. We're going to go out on a limb here and say that the improved CGI won't be enough to rescue this disaster of a movie.