Teebs Returns with 'E s t a r a' Album

Teebs Returns with 'E s t a r a' Album
It's been four years since beat producer Teebs (a.k.a. Mtendere Mandowa) emerged with Ardour, his debut album for Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint. Mandowa has hardly been slacking, though, having completed collaborative projects with the likes of Daedelus and Prefuse 73, and he'll finally return to his solo project with a new album this spring.

The album is called E s t a r a, and a press release explains that it comes from the Spanish word "to be," or, more specifically, "where someone is at — physically or mentally — at a specific moment."

As such, the album is said to mark an evolution in sound from the performer, whose "melodies, rustling rhythms, gauzy atmospherics, and loose ties to hip-hop" are "coming together in a bolder, more cohesive fashion than ever before."

Guests on the album include Jonti, Populous, Lars Hornveth and past collaborator Prefuse 73.

E s t a r a will arrive on April 8 via Brainfeeder and Ninja Tune. For now, listen to the album track "View Point" below the tracklist.

Read an interview with Mandowa here.

E s t a r a:

1. The Endless
2. View Point
3. Holiday (ft. Jonti)
4. Shoouss Lullaby
6. Hi Hat (ft. Populous)
7. NY pt. 1
8. Piano Days
9. Piano Months
10. NY pt. 2 (ft. Prefuse 73)
11. Mondaze
12. Wavxxes (ft. Lars Hornveth)