Set It Off "Hypnotized" / "Upside Down" (Acoustic) on No Future

Set It Off 'Hypnotized' / 'Upside Down' (Acoustic) on No Future
Boundary-pushing pop punkers Set It Off have been steadily distancing them from the genre they built their career on, culminating with last year's Upside Down. Call it curiosity or call it maturity, it's definitely growth for the Florida band and you can see that in their session for Exclaim! TV's No Future.

Coming to Toronto in support of Simple Plan, the quartet filled an otherwise bland Air Canada Centre dressing room with upbeat energy. Showcasing their ever-expanding sound, latest single "Hypnotized" features lead vocalist Cody Carson alternating between singing and rapping, both with animated hand motions and gestures, while the title track from their latest finds guitarist Dan Clermont setting down his acoustic for a trumpet.

If the band's got this much energy when performing stripped-down in a cramped dressing room, imagine what they bring to the stage. Check out the performances below, and you'll no doubt be thinking the same thing.