Rivers Cuomo Delivers 'Pinkerton Diaries'/'Alone III' Street Date

Rivers Cuomo Delivers 'Pinkerton Diaries'/'Alone III' Street Date
It's been quite some time since Weezer main man Rivers Cuomo first announced the release of not only a third entry into his odds'n'sods Alone series, but the potentially revelatory The Pinkerton Diaries. First we thought they would drop by the end of 2010, then we heard to expect a spring 2011 release, but now we can confirm that both products will arrive in December.

A post on Cuomo's website sets the street date for The Pinkerton Diaries and Alone III on December 12. Textually, the 237-page collection covers Cuomo's life from 1994, just after Weezer issued their self-titled debut, to the creation of Pinkerton up to sometime in 1997.

The singer-songwriter described the tome as "a collection of my journals, emails, letters, photos, and school papers  -- so you get an inside look as to exactly what I was thinking [when I wrote Pinkerton]" and covers anything from traveling with Weezer to studying at Harvard to having trouble with girls.

As for Alone III, the 26 songs included were recorded during the same time frame, and allegedly shows how the "demos from this period further connects the dots and allows you to see the beginning, middle and end of how life turns into music."

Included are alternate versions of "Getchoo," "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" and more glimpses from Weezer's fabled abandoned rock opera Songs from the Black Hole.

You can pre-order the set now from Cuomo's website, with the first 500 copies of the book coming with a poster signed by the man himself.

Alone III:

1. "I'm So Lonely"

2. "Getchoo"

3. "Lisa"

4. "Negativland"

5. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"

6. "When You're Alone"

7. "Susanne"

8. "There Is No Other One"

9. "Let Me Wash at Your Sink"

10. "Waiting on You"

Suite From the Black Hole:

11. "Oh No, This Is Not For Me"

12. "Tired of Sex"

13. "She's Had a Girl"

14. "What Is This I Find?"

15. "Now I Finally See"

16. "Longtime Sunshine"

Fulton Avenue Suite:

17. "I'm Lonely on a Saturday Night"

18. "Oh God I'm Hungry"

19. "I'm on Fire, You're a Liar"

20. "The End of My String"

21. "I Can't Break Your Heart Slow"

22. "Money Makes Me Happy"

23. "My Mind's on You"

24. "Defeat on the Hill"

25. "Clarinet Waltz"

26. "A Glorious Moment"