Erol Alkan Readies 'Fabriclive 77' Mix

Erol Alkan Readies 'Fabriclive 77' Mix
Beloved UK performer Erol Alkan has had plenty of experience as a tastemaker — his Trash nightclub hosted early appearances from Peaches, LCD Soundsystem, Bloc Party and others. Now, he'll bring that energy to Fabric's beloved Fabriclive mix series.

Alkan has been tapped to lend his skills to the series, coming up with a 20-track playlist for Fabriclive 77.

The release highlights work from Todd Osborn, the Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands, Ben Jenkins, Fumes, Manfredas and more. It closes out with a blend of Alkan's "A Hold on Love" and Saint Etienne's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart."

Though it showcases some of his own work, Alkan didn't want to be the centre of attention on the release. "I certainly didn't want this mix to be a flyer or advert for me as a DJ," he said in a press release. "I feel this mix is quite specific to Fabric as they are all records I would want to play in that environment."

In fact, the mix was designed with London's fabled Fabric Nightclub in mind. "Even though I have had the benefit of playing all three rooms on a regular basis, this mix feels like it was designed for Room One," Alkan added. "It's influenced by the sight lines from the perspective behind the decks, the lights, the fact that sometimes all you can see are hands reaching into the booth, as well as those behind you dancing alone in the corners."

Fabriclive 77 will arrive on September 22. Peep the tracklisting below.

Fabriclive 77:

1. Maurice & Charles "Sofa Love" (Jamie Paton remix)

2. Cowboy Rhythmbox "We Got The Box"
3. Carisma "Talento Matemático"
4. The Emperor Machine "RMI Is All I Want" (Erol Alkan's extended rework)
5. Manfredas "Square Lights" (Zongamin remix take 2)
6. Phreak "Acid On"
7. Erol Alkan "Sub Conscious"
8. Andre Bratten "Trommer og Bass"
9. Tom Rowlands "Through Me"
10. Fumes "Jack2000"
11. Victor Shan "How You Want It" (Shan's Warehouse Version) 
12. Boot & Tax "Acido"
13. Erol Alkan "Bang"
14. Ben Jenkins "K3M"
15. Todd Osborn "Put Your Weight On It" (Chicago mix)
16. Voiski "From White To Red"
17. Claro Intelecto "Tone"
18. Ghost Culture "Red Smoke"

19. Daywalker + CF "Supersonic Transport"

20. Erol Alkan "A Hold On Love" / Saint Etienne "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"