​Cold Manitoba Project Honours Gord Downie with "Hometown Down Heart"

The band features Blue Rodeo's Michael Boguski, the Sheepdogs' Jim Bowskill and others
​Cold Manitoba Project Honours Gord Downie with 'Hometown Down Heart'
Blue Rodeo pianist Michael Boguski has released a new song from the Cold Mantioba Project called "Hometown Down Heart."
The song takes Gord Downie's parting message to heart and puts it into action. Before he died, Downie urged Canadians to "do whatever you can to help healing and reconciliation" — and "Hometown Down Heart" is a direct response to that.
Back in October, the group released a song called "Cold Manitoba," donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Native Addictions Council of Manitoba. "
"Hometown Down Heart" follows, and all proceeds from the song will also be donated to the NACM.
Both tracks were originally written by Canadian singer-songwriter Eddie Orso.

"I couldn't be more passionate about this project. Great musicians working together to help a great cause," Boguski tells Exclaim! "The musicians on these tracks are my favourite. I live to hear every note they play. This is a cause that is very dear to my heart. We're all connected. From the moment I heard Gord was fighting to do his thing, and having that brief moment with him side-stage before we did the 'Lost Together' encore at Massey, I just felt an energy coming from him that went right into my core. Let's keep building on what Gord asked every Canadian to do. Don't let the negative news diminish your lovelight... Reconciliation is the supreme act of love. Don't be afraid to follow your heart."
The latest song arrives with a companion video that introduces the new band — Boguski, Dustin Bentall, Chris Sleightholm, Jim Bowskill of the Sheepdogs, Chris Mason and Lucas Goetz — and establishes their musical mission.
Watch it below. "Hometown Down Heart" will officially hit streaming services tomorrow (February 1).