Casey Veggies "BackFlip" (ft. IAMSU)

Casey Veggies 'BackFlip' (ft. IAMSU)
The things we do for money, we'll never understand. Case in point, Cali rapper Casey Veggies is giving up bills to anyone willing to bust out a trained seal-styled acrobatic trick for him, at least that's what we're getting out of the guy's new single, "BackFlip."

The cut delivers a laidback melody and AutoTuned hook about performing stunts for stacks, with an occasional Fort Knox-rattling boom dropping into the beat. Both Veggies and IAMSU, who also produced the beat, further weigh in on mattresses full of green, picking up new fans and doing it for the bucks.

You can stream or download the money-minded freebie down below.