Cameron Esposito Royal Theatre, Toronto ON, September 24

Cameron Esposito Royal Theatre, Toronto ON, September 24
Cameron Esposito's performance was not only timely, but it felt like a special show created specifically for Canadian audiences at JFL42. She didn't just repeat common Canadian stereotypes, but she joked about our money with its little window in it and pointed out that our perfect medical system had the worst-named hospital in the world: Sick Kids. She even told a story about going to see Celine Dion with her parents when she was a teen.
Esposito shared her thoughts about American politics (she explained that it was really difficult to be a comedian in the States at present, because there is this clown who gets great ratings). She went on to express her support for Clinton by calling her the most qualified person to ever run for President and ripped apart any logic behind people thinking anyone would vote for Clinton just because she's a woman.
She also talked about the importance of queer representations in popular culture, which launched into stories about: her childhood and Halloween, growing up Catholic, and how to avoid getting way too high. Perhaps the funniest moment of the show was when Esposito told a college story about protecting strippers that the men's rugby team had ordered — protecting them with the women's rugby team's eyes.
Whether she was talking about giving up religion or making a joke about international policy into a period joke, Esposito is a confident, natural, and incredibly entertaining comedian.